“I definitely loved the experience and would love to go again. The people I met were very, very, very friendly and would never leave anyone out. That was one of my favorite camp experiences ever!” -Himmelbjerget Camper Erik Odderson

Himmelbjerget Danish Camp
Corbett, Oregon

June 25 – July 1, 2017

Ages 10-18
(For ages 5-10 see our other camp: Dane Camp)

Himmelbjerget Danish Camp offers a unique opportunity for kids and adolescents ages 10 to 18 to learn about the history, people, culture, language and traditions of Denmark, preserving Danish culture in the next generation while making new friends and having a ton of fun. The camp is not only a fun experience, it is also a valuable investment in your child’s future. Himmelbjerget promotes skills of leadership, teamwork, cultural awareness, and cultural acceptance, crucial skills in today’s globalized world.

Early Bird pricing ends March 31st.
Please remember, to qualify for the NWDA membership price, the camper or the parent must be a current NWDA member (sorry, grandparent memberships don’t qualify for the membership discount).

After March 31st 2017, regular tuition prices apply:

  • Regular NWDA Member – $725.00
  • Regular Non-NWDA Member – $800.00

Register Online Here.

Paying for tuition online: This year Himmelbjerget tuition fees can be paid online. The separate payment form for camp can be found here.


Some scholarships are available through the Danish Brotherhood and the Danish Sisterhood, or other local Scandinavian societies. There may be some private grants available as well. Details are posted on the financial assistance page on the NW Danish Camp website.


Visit the NW Danish Camp website here.

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Missed your friends from Danish Camp? In 2016 we had an end of summer reunion!

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