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Become a member of the Northwest Danish Association today! Enjoy the many benefits of membership, including but not limited to:

  • Special membership prices at NWDA programs, events and activities
  • Membership discounts at events we sponsor
  • Voting privileges at the Annual Meeting
  • Occasional discounts and free tickets from our partners in the community (Scandinavian Specialties, the Nordic Heritage Museum, Seattle International Film Festival, restaurants, and others)
  • Occasional discounted tickets and free ticket offers for concerts or discounted prices for merchandise at concerts (special events at the Orchestra or other special Danish performances)
  • Access to our scholarship programs
  • Access to our event space, the Seattle Danish Center (also known as Harmony Hall), available to members to rent at a discounted rate
  • Subscription to our quarterly publication ‘The Little Mermaid’ and our weekly e-bulletin
    • The option to receive a printed copy of ‘The Little Mermaid’ by mail for only $15 per year
  • Access to our Danish library to borrow books and films

As a member, your donations are vital in supporting our operation. Membership contributions support program offerings promoting Danish culture, language, and heritage in the Pacific Northwest.

Our programs include:

  • Fredagscafe and Onsdagsklubben: Cultural programs and fellowship within the community
  • Dane Camp and Himmelbjerget: Cultural awareness summer camps for children and adolescents ages 5 to 18
  • Eldercare: A service to seniors in need of aids (wheelchairs, canes, etc.), home phone calls, lunches, and more
  • Danish American Cultural Retreat (DACR) and Nordic Ventures exploring various topics from Denmark and the Northern Hemisphere
  • Literature groups, film nights, contemporary issue lectures, and much more

If you aren’t already a member, we urge you to join. Membership is a great way to show your support of the Northwest Danish Association. And you don’t have to be a Danish-American in order to join, either. We welcome all nationalities!

Join today!

Register and pay online by clicking here:

 Become a member today

Or download our membership form and mail it in with a check or your credit card information:
NWDA Individual and Family Membership Form

Organization and Business Memberships

Organizations and businesses can also become members of the Northwest Danish Association. Each membership year begins July 1. We offer three annual membership options:

Organization Level Membership – $250 Annual Membership

  • Website listing (NWDA homepage) with company name and link to website

Business Level Membership – $500 Annual Membership

  • Website listing (NWDA homepage) with company name and link to website
  • Company Name listed in NWDA quarterly publication (print and digital) The Little Mermaid

Corporate Level Membership – $1000 Annual Membership

  • Company logo displayed on website (NWDA homepage) with link to website
  • Company logo displayed in NWDA quarterly publication (print and digital) The Little Mermaid

Complete and return the following membership form to the Northwest Danish Association:
Organization or Business Membership Form

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