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May 25th 2017: Money Can’t Buy You Hygge by Kristian Næsby

“Hygge” has over the last few years taken the world by storm! In this talk Danish Lecturer from The Scandinavian Department at University of Washington, Kristian Næsby, will take a good hard look at the term that was shortlisted for word of the year in 2016. What is “hygge” actually? Where does the sudden craze for “hygge” around the world come from? And is it all good or are there potential dangers in the longing for a more “hyggelig” life?



Previous sessions in the 2017 series


February 23rd 2017: World War II: The Occupation of Denmark by Professor Nathaniel Hong (Doors open at 6:30 pm for display)

Hong-OccupiedThe first session of the 2017 Nordic Ventures series will feature an exhibition on the rescue of the Jews of Denmark during World War II accompanied by a presentation on the occupation of Denmark by Dr. Nathaniel Hong.

Dr. Hong will discuss the multiple aspects of the German occupation of Denmark during WWII as well as the underground press and the development of the Danish Resistance. He has written two books on this period, Occupied: Denmark’s Adaptation and Resistance to German Occupation (1940-1945) and Sparks of Resistance: The Illegal Press in German Occupied Denmark, April 1940 – August 1943. Dr. Hong conducted research for these books at the Museum of Danish Resistance, the Danish National Archive, the Royal Library, and other occupation history archives around Denmark, during several extended stays in Denmark.


March 23rd 2017: “The History of the Royal Danish Air Force” by Henry Geijsbeek

AirforceHenry Geijsbeek will be presenting the history of the Royal Danish Air Force (Flyvevåbent). Learn of Denmark’s early adaptation of the airplane, the re-building of the air force in the post WWll/cold-war era and the varied missions that they have fulfilled. Ranging from surveying/patrolling of Greenland and its waters to humanitarian support around the globe.

This is the second in a series of Danish Aviation related presentations that Henry has given at the NWDA.

The topic combines his Danish background and aviation interest.

April 27th 2017: “Ethics and Common Sense” by Claus Windelev

ThumbnailImage“Ethics” and “Common sense” can still be found in the dictionary but are strangely elusive as useful concepts in modern life. This presentation will attempt to point to many of the conflicting and at times divisive practices, which seem to have removed the theories of ethics and common sense from public and private discourse.

As someone who grew up in a different culture and has spent a life time traveling the world and learning and reading about how other societies approach life and its challenges, Claus Windelev saw a possibility of using “best practices” from different cultures and civilizations for improving daily life also here in the U.S.

Lately, with the apparent breakdown of civil discourse and the adoption of an “everything goes” mentality there is the rising danger, that we would no longer have the collective stamina to tackle the future problems as a nation. The fissures of this great nation with its hardliners and distaste for compromise and cooperation could lead to serious national dysfunction.
It is the presenter’s hope that a healthy debate will ensue thus resulting in a greater awareness of the importance of ethics and common sense in our daily lives.

Claus has published two books on this subject matter: Common Sense: An Outsider’s Look From the Inside and Ethics: For You (and the Rest of the World).


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