smoerebroedOnsdagskubben is a Danish luncheon held on the third Wednesday of every month in the Seattle Danish Center (Harmony Hall) at the Northwest Danish Association. Lunch is always followed with a program. Donations are accepted. 

Please call us at 206-523-3263 or e-mail us at for reservations or for more information! (Please note: The lunch is not held in the months of July and August).


The Seattle Danish Center is located at:
1833 N 105th Street, Suite 205
Seattle, WA, 98133

Programs have included:
-Performance by members of the Danish Royal Guards
-Individual Stories from Denmark during WWII
-Special performances by Danish musicians
-Special performance by Danish opera singer, David Danholt

Traditional Danish food is typically served, such as:
Forloren Hare
Gule Ærter med Skinke
Grønlangkål og Brunede Kartofler
Rødgrød med fløde

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Onsdagsklubben: Photos

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