Beginner Danish I

*Registration Closed

Teacher: Melissa Lucas

Saturday morning 11:30 am to 1:00 pm (Pacific Time)

Winter term 2022: January 15th to March 19th
Online format: Zoom only

Registration deadline: January 12th, 2022

In this class, students will:
* learn the basics of pronunciation
* use note-taking symbols to help them recall pronunciations
* get tips for producing some of the unusual sounds of Danish
* learn vocabulary for use in simple conversations about common themes
* practice reading aloud and speaking to others in short dialogues

About this Class: We will use the textbook “Aktivt dansk” as a jumping-off spot to introduce students to the basics of the Danish language. Supplemental materials will be available to students on the teacher’s website, including audio dialogues. We’ll focus a lot on pronunciation, and the complex relationship between spoken and written Danish, as well as basic phrases and idioms used to talk about subjects such as greetings, family, food, weather, time, transportation, etc. The class atmosphere is one of respect, encouragement, fun, and delight. Questions are always welcome as are some “bunny trails” (unplanned teaching moments sparked by students’ questions and interests).

About the instructor

Melissa Lucas

The teacher for this class is Melissa Lucas. Melissa has a unique blend of skills to help you learn Danish. Her degrees include a PhD in Scandinavian Studies, MA in Linguistics, and MS in Speech Pathology. Having initially learned Danish as an exchange student in college, Melissa is particularly aware of the pitfalls and difficulties Americans face when tackling Danish as an adult. She is well equipped to help you avoid these traps, and absolutely loves doing it! She has taught Danish to college students and community members in the Seattle area for 15 years.

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