Danish Language Program: Intermediate Level

Teacher: Adrian Tan

Saturday Mornings 9:00 am to 10:30 am (1.5 hours) (Pacific Time)

Spring Term 2022: April 23rd to June 25th
Online Format: Zoom only
Note: There will be no class May 7th
Level: Intermediate Level – Culture and Conversation

Registration is closed

About this class: The class will use a variety of media (e.g. news articles, poems, songs, videos, games, etc.) to engage students in conversation and learning about Denmark and Danish culture – particularly with a focus on relations to the US and current affairs.  Students will have the opportunity to improve their understanding of Danish texts, songs, and spoken Danish.  They will also be able to practice their conversation skills and pronunciation.

The objectives of the class are:

  • To improve student’s conversation skills in Danish
  • To provide students with cross-cultural knowledge of Denmark and Danish culture
  • To practice talking about various topics in Danish

For this class, you must be an intermediate-level Danish speaker that can engage in some conversation in Danish. Contact NWDA at seattle@nwdanish.org if you are unsure whether this class is suitable for your level of Danish.

About the instructor

Adrian Tan

The teacher for this class is Adrian Tan, a native Dane living in Seattle. He has been teaching the class at NWDA for over five terms and has experience teaching in Denmark. Students love his class and keep coming back each term.

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