Each year the Association awards scholarships to young men and women who reside in either Washington or Oregon for their education studying Danish language and literature, arts and crafts, history and political science. For over 17 years, our scholarship awards have made educational dreams a reality.

Through its scholarship program, the Northwest Danish Association seeks to:

  • Continue the traditions of education and career opportunity that are found in both the United States and Denmark
  • Encourage students in the states of Washington and Oregon to pursue their highest individual levels of achievement
  • Support the potential need in today’s environment to prepare for a variety of careers in a lifetime
  • Acknowledge the value of a broad range of educational purposes from mastering basics needed for pursuing specialized knowledge and skills
  • Recognize the worth of careers that enrich individual and community life and/or entertain
  • Provide financial assistance for a variety of expenses related to a program of study


The Northwest Danish Association will award the following scholarships for the 2017-2018 academic year:




The deadline for applications each year is in late April or early May for scholarships for the following academic year.

For more about our scholarship programs, please see our Scholarship Brochure 2017-18 for Oregon and Washington.


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