The Seattle Danish Center

The Seattle Danish Center (also known as Harmony Hall) is home for the Danish community in the Seattle area. The event space is in the Northwest Danish Association building near Northgate. The Seattle Danish Center is located at:

1833 N 105th Street, Suite 205
Seattle, WA 98133

The Center features a Danish lending library, a community kitchen, and a meeting space. There is even a dance floor and audio equipment to use! The facility holds 112 people.

Become a member of Northwest Danish Association to rent the Seattle Danish Center at a reduced price! 

The venue serves as a cultural meeting spot for the Danish community in Seattle.

Danish language lessons during Dane Camp for Little Vikings

The Danish Soccer Club uses the space for their annual dinners. The Danish Brotherhood and the Danish Sisterhood have their monthly meetings and annual dinners at the Center.

The Seattle Danish Center offers members a chance to connect with Danish culture in this region of the U.S. Monthly luncheons with Torsdagsklubben, Danish holiday events like Julestue and Fastelavn, and special events like the Queen’s birthday provide the opportunity connect with Danish culture. In the summer, children invade the Seattle Danish Center for a week-long summer camp, Dane Camp for Little Vikings. All generations including young adults, families with children, elders, and others use this space to create community and share their interest in Danish culture with others.

The Danish Library in Seattle

The Seattle Danish Center features a library with over 2,000 books. The collection features books in Danish and books in English on topics pertaining to Denmark. Children’s books, DVDs, and CDs are also available. View the online library catalog here:

Members of NWDA can check out books from the NWDA library. Contact us to set up a time to pick up books or to see the library.

On the NWDA library catalog website, members create an account by clicking on ‘Patron Login’. You can also contact us and have us set up an account for you by sending an email to Line Larsen at

Please contact Northwest Danish Association at
(206) 523-3263 for more information.