From the founding of the Danish Old People’s Home in 1923, the organization that is now the Northwest Danish Association has made care for community elders a primary concern.

The Association provides medical, housing, and transportation assistance to elders to help them stay in their own homes longer and be a part of a social community. The seniors program has evolved to also include activities that provide social and educational opportunities for seniors within our community. The value in Danish tradition for an active, engaged life for all forms the basis of the Association’s seniors program. Events of interest to seniors in our community offered by the Northwest Danish Association include our monthly volunteer event called The Work Party and our monthly luncheon called Torsdagsklubben.

The Eldercare Program at the Northwest Danish Association provides the elderly with:

  • Medical alert systems
  • Amplified phone systems or phones with readable screens
  • Aids such as walkers and wheelchairs
  • Assistance with transportation to NWDA events
  • Various social programs, luncheons, and dinners
  • Home phone calls made by our ElderCare Committee to provide a social link to those in need

Temporary assistance may be available to individuals who are not elderly on a case to case basis.

To inquire about Eldercare, contact the Northwest Danish Association at 206-523-3263 or seattle@nwdanish.org

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