The Little Mermaid Newsletter


NW Danish Association publishes a quarterly newsletter called, “The Little Mermaid.”
The newsletter features news about Danish and other Nordic events in the Pacific Northwest.
Each issue also features articles about Denmark.

Click on the following link to download the most recent version of the newsletter:

The Little Mermaid – Winter Issue
Jan Feb Mar 2024

Previous editions

Issue #2023/2024

Jan Feb Mar 2024
Oct Nov Dec 2023
Jul Aug Sep 2023

Issue #2022/2023

Apr May Jun 2023
Jan Feb Mar 2023
Oct Nov Dec 2022
Jul Aug Sep 2022

Issue #2021/2022:

Apr May Jun 2022

Jan Feb Mar 2022
Jul Aug Sept 2021
Oct Nov Dec 2021

Issue #2020/2021:
Apr May Jun 2021
Jan Feb Mar 2021
Oct Nov Dec 2020
Jul Aug Sep 2020

Issue #2019/2020:
Apr May Jun 2020
Jan Feb Mar 2020
Jul Aug Sept 2019
Oct Nov Dec 2019

Issue #2018/2019:
Apr May Jun 2019
Jan Feb Mar 2019
Oct Nov Dec 2018

Jul Aug Sep 2018

Issue #2017/2018
Apr May Jun 2018
Jan Feb Mar 2018
Oct Nov Dec 2017
Jul Aug Sept 2017

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