NWDA in Oregon and SW Washington

Northwest Danish Association (NWDA) events and programs extend to Oregon State. During the summer, two featured programs of NWDA are held in Corbett, Oregon: Himmelbjerget Danish Camp and the Danish American Cultural Retreat. For weekly updates on events and programs in Oregon, sign up for our e-bulletin.

Most events in Oregon for NWDA are held at Nordia House.

Upcoming Events:

The following events will be scheduled later:

  • Danish movies
  • Danish classes, starting in the fall
  • Lectures on Danish cultural topics
  • Sct Hans Fest in late June
  • Wine and cheese tour with Eugene Danes
  • Gløgg party with a fundraiser

We would like to have “Danish recipe of the month”, similar to the “Danske Pandekager” in January.  Please volunteer a favorite Danish recipe of yours, and include one or more pictures. Please email Bodil Muller at bodilmuller@mac.com, if you have any suggestions!

Year-Round Events in Portland

NWDA hosts several events in Oregon throughout the year. Read about the events below.

Danish Bogklub

Oregon’s NWDA has a monthly “bogklub” (book club) that has been active since the 1990s. A Danish book is chosen and discussed. Books have included:
Hvor taler du flot dansk by Abdel Aziz Mahmoud
En anden gren by Jesper Wung Sung
Slavernes kyst by Thorkild Hansen
Familien Gregersen by Christian Kampmann

Danish Film Nights

Occasional film nights are held throughout the year.

Danish Sangaften

NWDA has an active Danish song group in Portland. Join them for a hyggelig evening singing Danish hymns.


Each year NWDA hosts a fastelavnsfest (Danish carnival) for kids in Portland. Like in Denmark, the event features a barrel pinata. Kids wear costumes and the child who knocks the ‘cat’ out of the barrel is crowned the king or cat queen. Join in on the fun! Read more about fastelavn in Denmark here.


Hyggeaften is a monthly event by NWDA. The event is a chance to mingle and socialize with Portland’s Danish community. Danish and English speakers welcome!


Join in for a good old-fashioned Danish Julefest, with holiday crafts, goodie bags for the kids, singing, dancing around the Christmas tree, a visit from “Julemanden” (Santa Claus), and delicious treats! 

Lillejuleaften Photo by Bill Markwart


For many years (at least 40!), Danes in Oregon and Southwest Washington have gathered each year on December 23 to celebrate Christmas in the traditional Danish way. The Lillejuleaften (“Little Christmas Eve”) event in Portland features a Danish church service and a kaffebord (coffee and cake). Come wish everyone a glædelig jul!

Pete Christensen Frikadelle Dinner

The annual Frikadelle Dinner is a fundraiser for NWDA’s Himmelbjerget Summer Camp. The dinner takes place during the fall each year.

For more information about upcoming events in Portland sign up for our e-bulletin.

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