Northwest Danish Association presents:
“Nordic Ventures: A Spring Series”

Join us for insights on various topics from the Northern Hemisphere. Come by the Seattle Danish Center at 7:00 pm on the fourth Thursday from February to May.

2018 Topics and Speakers

Topic 1: Danish Immigration to Argentina (FEBRUARY 22, 2018)

Speaker: Sonja Kromann
Date: February 22nd 2018
Sonja Kromann of Everett, WA will discuss Danish
settlement in Argentina which began around
1840 and lasted until the 1930s and her visit and
reunion with family living in the Danish Triangle
region of Argentina.

Topic 2: Danish Modern Design (MARCH 22, 2018)

Speaker: Dane F. Jensen
Date: March 22nd 2018
Dane Jensen of Seattle, WA will provide a historical overview of Danish
furniture design and discuss the enduring influence and impact
that Danish Modern design has had on furniture, décor, and

Topic 3: Danish Aviation Pioneer, Jacob Ellehammer (APRIL 26, 2018)

Speaker: Henry Geijsbeek
Date: April 26th 2018
Henry Geijsbeek will speak about Danish aviation pioneer, Jacob Christian Hansen Ellehammer (1871 –1946). Jacob Ellehammer was born in Bakkebølle, Denmark. Ellehammer established his own company in Copenhagen in 1898, producing cigarette machines, beverage machines and other electronic machinery. In 1904 he produced his first motorcycle, the Elleham motocycle after which he built the world’s first aircooled radial engine, a three-cylinder engine, which he used as the basis for a more powerful five-cylinder model in 1907. In 1905 he constructed a monoplane and the following year a ‘semi-biplane’. Ellehammer’s later inventions included a successful triplane and helicopter as well as a convertible car/plane.

Topic 4: “Heartstrings: A Tale of Danish Loyalty, Resistance, and Homecoming”, a novel by Inga Wiehl (MAY 24, 2018)

Speaker: Author Inga Wiehl
Date: May 24th 2018
Inga Wiehl of Yakima, WA will discuss her 2011
book, Heartstrings: A Tale of Danish Loyalty, Resistance,
and Homecoming. The book looks at the
experiences of her grandmother growing up during
the Prussian/German occupation of Denmark’s
southern regions and how that experience impacted
the people who lived in the occupied region and
those who chose to leave.


The Seattle Danish Center is located at 1833 N 105th Street, Suite 205, Seattle, WA 98133.

Nordic Ventures: Additional Information

Nordic Ventures is held annually and features a series of speakers from a range of disciplines. The series is typically held from February to May each year preceding the Danish American Cultural Retreat (DACR).

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