Each year ‘Nordic Ventures’ highlights various topics from the Nordic region with a focus on Denmark. The four part series features talks, documentaries, or exhibits at the Seattle Danish Center.

Nordic Ventures 2020

The theme of Nordic Ventures 2020 is ‘Nordic Nomads’. From the Vikings to famous Danes like H.C. Andersen, Nordic people have been known to travel far and wide. Find out more about Nordic wanderlust in this year’s Nordic Ventures series.

Nordic Ventures is held at the Seattle Danish Center (1833 N 105th Street, Suite 205, Seattle, WA 98133).
Free parking is available!

Suggested donation is $10
Refreshments: Snacks, soda, beer, wine 

February 27: The Midgard Viking Expedition
March 5: Snapshots – Traveling with Danish Poet H.C. Andersen
April 2: H.C. Andersen by Marianne Stecher (more info to come)
May 28: Danish Wanderlust by Susanne Rasmussen (more info to come)

1. February 27th, 2020: The Midgard Viking Expedition

Join us for the first talk, The Midgard Viking Expedition, by elite rower Erden Eruc, at 7:00 pm on Thursday, February 27 at the Seattle Danish Center. RSVP here.

The year is 2020 and a crew is training off the coast of South Africa for a modern-day Viking expedition. Using traditional methods, Bjørn Heyerdahl has built an authentic Viking longboat. In May 2020 the planned route is to sail from Oslo to Istanbul through the Strait of Gibraltar and on to the Black Sea (planned route pictured). Educational outreach is a main objective for this expedition, which carries with it a discourse on sustainability.

Erden Eruc is one of the crew members currently in South Africa launching the vessel for its sea trials in South Africa. Erden is a leading ocean rower who has earned 15 Guinness World Records, 14 of which still stand. He is also strongly dedicated to protecting the planet and fighting ocean pollution.

Meet Erden at the Seattle Danish Center on February 27th when he has returned from the expedition trials. Erden will share with us his experiences and the story of the Midgard Expedition. Come hear about this modern-day Viking voyage that carries with it a message of sustainability.

Erden about the expedition: “As modern Vikings, our cause was going to be sustainability. We were going to trade our stories and our goodwill for knowledge in the communities that we would visit. We were going to gather working solutions already implemented in those communities toward sustainable living. With the earth already stressed and no Planet-B in sight, our assignment would be to find and showcase solutions to sustain our ability to live on this planet and to regenerate our natural resources. Conservation alone was no longer feasible in the long run.” Read about Erden’s remarkable journey here.

2. March 5th, 2020: “Snapshots”: Traveling with Hans Christian Andersen by Danish Artist Susanne Thea

Join us at 7:00 pm at the Seattle Danish Center for the Opening Reception for “Snapshots” with Bruce Bro, President of the National Foundation for Danish America. RSVP here

For the month of March, Nordic Ventures will feature an art exhibit by Danish artist Susanne Thea. The exhibit depicts the travels of Danish author, H.C. Andersen, who is known for his internationally recognized fairy tales. The exhibit is currently on tour in the U.S. and is set to land at the Seattle Danish Center next, before moving on to the Museum of Danish America in Iowa.

The exhibit is on display at the Seattle Danish Center from March 5th to April 2nd, 2020. The opening reception on March 5th will feature a talk by Bruce Bro, President of the National Foundation for Danish America.

Danish Artist Susanne Thea refers to Andersen’s famous quote, “To travel is to live” and his subsequent travels, documented in detail in his diaries. He took the most modern, up to date transportation available at the time (steamboat, steam train & horse and carriage). Thea “mind traveled” via Google.  The intimate, dreamlike, hand-colored copper etchings are like illustrations in a book, inviting the viewer to be curious and explore with the artist and the author. Thea hopes to spark curiosity in the viewer to “turn the page” and explore what the next skirt in the exhibition reveals or maybe find themselves on a steam train, traveling with the poet and the artist.

A big thank you to the National Foundation For Danish America who provided assistance for this exhibit to open at the NWDA Seattle Danish Center!

To set up an appointment to see the exhibit after the opening night, contact Northwest Danish Association at (206) 523-3263 or e-mail seattle@nwdanish.org

Stay tuned for details on the next talks in the 2020 Nordic Ventures series!

Nordic Ventures: Additional Information

Nordic Ventures is an annual series by Northwest Danish Association featuring contemporary and historical topics about the Nordic region. The series is held in the Spring each year preceding the Danish American Cultural Retreat (DACR).

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